Krio500 Project Status

This simply provides a kongueror plugin that interfaces with the rio 500 tools at

Currently provides basic support for drag-n-drop, delete, playing files from the Rio500. I'd like to get a more solid framework before getting carried away with lots of new features, since it's a little hacked right now.

To install should be simply

make install

The rio_* commands need to be in /usr/bin for this to work (This will change, I'd like to use the rio500 library but I am having a little trouble, it's on my list...)

The one thing to make sure of is that the and .la files go into the right directory, on Mandrake 9.0 it is /usr/lib/kde and that the krio500.protocol files goes into /usr/share/services. On other distributions the configure script should autodetect the correct location but YMMV.

After the file is installed you should be able to open a konqueror file manager window and go to the url 'krio500:/' which should show two directories 'Main Memory' and 'Smart Media Card'. WARINING, only the Main Memory card is working right now. You should be able to open the main memory directory and start dropping files in. No real support for file size and such but it should work.

Snapshot 1


Get the files at

The Mandrake 9.0 RPMS should work on most systems.

Sourceforge project page


List files
Put, get and delete files


Better file handling routines
External card support
Memory used/left
Folder support
Font support
Animation support


Will leave mp3 file in /tmp dir if an errors occurs during transfer.

Basic put, get, delete support. Logo